Theresa M. Sloat-Elliot
Writer, Director and Producer

Theresa M. Sloat-Elliot (Tracy) is a member of the Screen Actor's Guild with more than twenty years of experience in the radio, television and the motion picture industry. Some performing credits include working opposite of Eli Wallach and Keifer Sutherland, in the motion picture “Article 99”, Mel Harris and John Heard in the made for TV movie “Cross of Fire.” Lead roles in “America’s Most Wanted” “Unsolved Mysteries” and numerous local and national radio and television commercials.

Tracy is the founder of The Actor’s Lab which is a professional training facility for talent and specializes in executive coaching for corporate America. She teaches the Sanford Meisner Technique at her studio in Wichita, Kansas and has taught by invitation for the London Group Theater, London England. She studied the technique in New York and Los Angeles under Joann Baron and Salvadore Romeo as well as Emmy award winning actress/director Joan Darling at Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Institute.

In her directorial debut, Tracy’s patriotic short film “Still There” is a testimonial of gratitude for our nation’s veterans. She calls it a love story. Love of family, sacrifice, and freedom. Shot In May of 2001, “Still There” was not a response to September 11th, but rather a desire to address the apathetic mood that prevailed prior to those horrific events. Believing in its core message, the entire cast and crew donated their time and talent in the making of.

Debuting for the Kansas Army National Guard in January of 2002, “Still There” quickly moved through the ranks. Traveling to Ft. Riley, the Pentagon, the White House, the USO and finally, at the request of CENTCOM 1,000 copies of the film were donated to our troops currently serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Qatar in the hopes of boosting morale. General Richard B. Myers Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had this to say about the film… “It is a thought provoking piece that depicts the depth of American patriotism, not only in support of our men and women in uniform, but for the reverence of our Nation’s beautiful flag and anthem.”

She has been a guest on a number of national radio programs including “The National Defense” with Host Jerry Newberry, Communications Director for the VFW; American Family Radio with Cindy Kreyer; EWTN’s Ava Maria Hour with Teresa Tomeo; and internet radio programs “The Dade Forum” with hosts Bill McDonald and Don Dade; and “Straight Talk” with Dr. Dan Ostrander.

Tracy’s mission is to assist in the healing of veterans by utilizing her talents for film and song. A gifted singer, Tracy performs her original rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner with the Defenders Day Anthem” in tandem with “Still There” for numerous military and civic organizations and events. Some notable performances include: The Robert J. Dole VA Hospital re-dedication ceremony for Senator Dole; McConnell Air Force Base the 349th Air Re-fueling Squadron; Women Sustaining the American Spirit-Salute to Women Veterans; The Viet-Nam Wall Experience, Resthaven; WWII “Salute to the Greatest Generation” Larksfield Place; Cessna Aircraft Inc.-Cessna Activity Center Fundraiser; and KAKE TV Celebrate 4th of July, Lawrence Dumont Stadium.

In October of 2006, Tracy was selected to share her film and perform the National Anthem live as the opening guest artist for the Military Writer’s Society of America’s first annual “Salute to the Military” celebration in San Diego, CA. While in California, she shared her film with Marines at the Navy Hospital and the Wounded Warrior Center at Camp Pendleton. On September 29, 2007 in Washington DC, Ms. Sloat at the invitation of the President of Gold Star Mothers, shared her work with Gold Star Mother Delegates from around the country commemorating their National Holiday.

God must have need of his servant elsewhere. Theresa passed away in autumn of 2016. Her vibrant spirit, wisdom, generosity and compassion will be missed. Please know that she did not suffer in her final hours and she was surrounded by love and prayer. Never once during her struggle did she lose sight of Jesus Christ. She never released her hand from his. She loved her way through her trial with trust and thankfulness. We will all miss her. Take refuge in knowing that she is in a better place amongst the angels and saints.